Bones Update

The new season of Bones will be kicking off here soon. Fans will not want to miss the twists and turns of that are sure to come viewer’s way. You can be sure that fans will be eager to go once Fox premiers it at 8pm on Mondays. Fox has updated their site so you […]

BT’s Ima

It may have such a short album name, but BT’s Ima is one of his earlier albums that showcases his early talents. Nocturnal Transmission, Blue Skies, Divinity, and Loving You More are some of the best songs on the album. That is not to say that songs such as Deeper Sunshine and Embracing the Future […]

BT also has an album titled Movement In Still Life. This album was released in 2000, which has been a few years now. However, the music is just as powerful as the day that the album was released. Movement In Still Life, Dreaming, Shame, and Godspeed are some of the best songs on this album. […]

The original album for BT’s hit songs is BT’s These Hopeful Machines. You will find the original versions for Suddenly, Always, Every Other Way, and Forget Me. These songs helped boost BT’s career because they are good club tunes. The Ghost In You is especially good for the clubs, if you are a dance music […]

BT is just as wonderful as always with his progressive sound. You should check out BT’s These Re-Imagined Machines, which offers fans the remixes of some fan favorites. Every Other Way is even featured on this album. Other great songs include Love Can Kill You, Always, Forget Me, and Suddenly. These are some of the […]

Armin van Buuren’s Mirage (Deluxe Album) is also a great find for any dance music fan. You will want to take a look at since this artist always thinks about his fans over profit. Some of the best songs on this album are Not Giving Up On Love, Take a Moment, Feels So Good, Breathe […]

Another great compiled album for dance music is Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2013. The DJ has brought together some of the best dance songs for everyone’s entertainment. A few of the better songs are Skylarking, Nehalennia, Waiting for the Night, D# Fat, and The Expedition. There are tons of songs on this […]

If you are looking for one large album to buy that is full of good dance music, you will want to buy The Thrillseekers’ Nightmusic Volume 1 (Disc One). This sports nearly 30 songs for only 25 dollars. That is seriously a couple dollar savings over buying the songs individually. Some really good songs include […]

Late Night Alumni’s album Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Etc. is one wonderful set of songs. Light Reading is one song that will make you smile while you are in the car or on the run. Finally Found sounds like a tune from some epic video game or dream that makes you want to travel. You […]

The DJ named Late Night Alumni is really on to something with Empty Streets. The songs on this album are much more laidback for the most part. This is chill out dance music for long trips, calm dance parties, and hiking. The song Empty Streets is the most popular tune with powerful lyrics and soft […]